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Selecting Your List
The right names can account for 50% or more of your response.
Your best list just may be the people who visit your website comparison shopping. With AcquireTrigger you can remarket to many of them. You can also find more people who look and act like them, plus live near your stores. But remember that people change or add email addresses frequently, so data hygiene, email change of address and NCOA are critical to the success of your campaign. If you are geotargeting an area, make sure you are using real home addresses, and not the zip code of the ISP. We offer a combination of postal and email addresses to give you the most precise targeting to your market and trade areas.

Test, Test, Test
Continuous learning can help you increase results.
Test…test…test…is a core philosophy of direct marketing that has become (or should be) a core part of Internet and email marketing by extension. There are lots of things you could test, but start with subject lines. An email that doesn't get the attention of your audience gets deleted. Subject line testing alone can result in up to 50-60 percent click-through rate increases. A/B subject line testing is easy to incorporate into almost every email campaign. Or pre-email a subset of your list with subject lines A/B split test and then rollout to full list within 24 hours.

You have to be able to measure to be able to test.
The measurements that really count are new customers and sales. Email produces sales in all channels, so it’s important to measure impact in all channels: ecommerce, phone, and retail. In many cases 80% to 90% of these sales occur in stores. Where stores capture a significant portion of customer names and addresses, our Match-Back analysis provided by AcquireWeb can demonstrate the total impact of email and true ROI.

Frequency Counts
Multi-touch drives results.
A core principal of advertising is to pile frequency on targeted reach. Television is measured in rating points (reach times frequency) and radio is known as a frequency media. Well, so is email. A good sales representative does not give up on a lead after a few phone calls when it often takes 10 or more contacts with a prospect to earn a sale. Email allows you to make those contacts cost-effectively.

Repeated emails (with some content refreshing) over time (several months) have repeatedly proven to increase awareness and new customer sales. We call these “multi-touch” emails that keep you top-of-mind and in front of consumers until they are ready to buy. You can integrate channels to determine the optimal number and the best combination of contacts via different channels (postal mail, email campaigns, telesales, and website landing pages). Touches in three different channels may result in even greater responses to your offer, more than justifying the extra effort required to earn incremental ROI.

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