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We can offer you expanded services in conjunction with our partners...or we can refer you to many of the agencies, list brokers, media providers and data services with whom we work.

AcquireWeb Data is a leading supplier of multi-channel marketing data, enhancement, hygiene, and analytics to support data-driven products and marketing programs. AcquireWeb created the largest database of 130 million premium opt-in email addresses with postal addresses by leveraging thousands of websites to deliver the highest quality match rates. Highly automated closed-loop methodologies clean data and match existing offline customers to email addresses, and reverse append postal addresses and phone numbers to email address files. AcquireWeb Data can validate or append data in milliseconds with easy to install API for query and multiple data output options.

ClearSight Interactive provides a comprehensive range of behavioral targeting solutions for both Advertisers and Publishers to improve Internet media targeting and measurement. They have an enhanced database of over 100 million Internet users’ IP addresses with the ability to append offline demographic, psychographic, and consumption behaviors to enable online advertisers and ad networks to deliver and measure highly targeted online display advertising. ClearSight’s web data capture and analytics power ClearTrigger and AcquireTrigger email and direct mail web-visitor re-marketing programs.

DCASTech has created two proprietary platforms that can be customized to meet your business needs: Ascend™ for advertisers, marketers and agencies; and Aperture™ for web publishers, ad networks and database owners. Validate web leads and assure data quality real time before you waste time and money chasing bad or fraudulent leads.

Postal list brokerage, email list brokerage, alternative media, telemarketing lists ensuring that you find the right potential targets for your acquisition campaigns. The list management expertise to obtain the highest return from your customer file, one of your most valuable assets.

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