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Our Marketing Database and Email Lists
Target Over 100 MM+ Individual Consumers with Email and Postal Addresses

Fully permissioned and up-to-date, everyone in our email database is directly traceable to date and place of opt-in including multiple third party opt-in sources: ISPs, ecommerce Sites, Job Boards, Co-Registration Sites, Automotive, Catalog, Retail, Consumer Value Clubs, Entertainment Ticketing, Electronics and Hi-Tech, Financial, Hospitality, Job Seekers, SOHO, Sweepstakes, Publishing, Technology, Telecommunications updated weekly and monthly using proprietary quality filters and rigorous compilation methodologies.

Demographic and geographic selects for precise targeting at the lowest cost.

  • Geographic Selects include National, State, DMA, SCF, Zip Code.
  • Proximity Selects (longitude & latitude based) targeting a radius around a specific location.
  • Demographic Selects allow you to target specific audiences within your markets by Gender, Age, Income, Home Owner/Renter, Home Value, Single/Multi-family, Marital Status, Presence of Children, Education, Race, and Credit Worthiness.
  • Other List Options can facilitate even more precise targeting. Third party demographic, lifestyle and transaction data overlays and modeling are available, although they might cost more.

Getting Your List Counts
Simply define your target market and contact a sales or account manager. While we can provide self-service counts online, we have found it much easier and much more accurate to have one of our specialists do it for you. Whether it’s for counts of homeowners within a 5-mile radius of your location or multivariate market segmentation for many stores across the county, just contact us.

  You’ll be Surprised How Little Email Costs
You pay only for delivered emails up to the contracted amount. The cost of your email list is included in your total email campaign cost quoted typically as a cost per thousand or cost per email. Email quantity and the frequency of repeat emails to the same individuals are factors in determining your costs. Postal addresses are also available for an additional charge dependent on usage. Names with postal address are sent to your lettershop for mailing.

FREE Re-Permissioning and Testing Your List
Prior to launching your email campaign, we re-confirm permission and deliverability by sending an advance email notice allowing anyone on our list the opportunity to opt out from receiving your campaign. The opt-outs are typically a fraction of one percent, but this extra effort assures deliverability and minimizes any potential complaints of unwanted email. This advance email is sent at no charge to our clients.

Suppressing Your Opt-Out Lists
To stay CAN-Spam compliant, you need to provide a list of any opt-out people who have contacted you. We will suppress them from your email campaign along with anyone who opts-out from any of the emails we send for you.

Suppressing Your Current Customers
Some clients want their email campaigns to focus entirely on new customer acquisition. Simply supply your formatted customer list (name and postal address) or a list of email addresses and they will be scrubbed from your email list prior to deployment. However, if you do not have a large customer database or simply want to include former customers in the promotion, you can do that. Your initial customer suppression list can be compared to your new customer list at the end of the campaign as part of our match-back analysis as well as to determine your market penetration.

Email Deployment
Our email list is a controlled asset and not sent to clients or third parties. We deploy all emails using our own servers, not an outside third party service. We work closely with ISPs and the email industry to assure high delivery rates and to address the occasional delivery issue usually resulting from everything else going on across the Internet. If there is a delivery problem, we fix it and redeploy at no cost to our clients. Clients pay for delivered email, not sent emails.

  1. Determine your geographic coverage or trade areas.  
  2. Are there areas you want to exclude?
  3. Define your target audience in terms of demographics and lifestyle.  
  4. Obtain Counts and determine quantities you would like to email...and/or direct mail.  
  5. Determine if you will include or suppress current customers. How many and in what shape is your house file?  
  6. Provide your opt-out list to suppress from your email campaign.  
  7. We’ll send a FREE repermission email verifying your list and launching your campaign.  
  8. With your creative and offer your campaign is ready to go. You get delivery, open and click reports.  
  9. We retain your list for your reuse and campaign expansion.  
  10. Our match-back analysis of your new customers and incremental sales will reveal your true ROI.  
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