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CAN-SPAM Protection Plus
Permission is better than asking forgiveness.
There are many email lists on the market, some of questionable source and quality. Make sure you have a legal, CAN-Spam compliant list. Provide both robust notice and easy opt-out processes on your websites and in all emails. Honor all opt-out requests and make sure your email service provider has the ability to suppress your opt-out list, provide robust notice and can automate opt-outs during your campaign.

100% CAN-SPAM compliant and then some.
We go above and beyond what CAN-SPAM requires. We only use our fully-permissioned CAN-Spam compliant list to help you maintain compliance with state and national laws.

We have taken one of the most conservative and consumer-friendly approaches towards targeting data collection within the industry.

Our data is registration- and survey-derived with the privacy policy offered during the registration process for customers to view and understand the use of their information. Every record in our file has the opt-in date and source. We actually process millions of records monthly to update our files. We cross-check names and allow only emails with valid postal addresses — not P.O. boxes or unmailable addresses. We both flag an unsubscribe email as well as remove consumers at the individual level within our database to ensure ongoing removal.

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