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Email campaigns for national marketers with big sales goals but small budgets

AcquireVision offers one-on-one access to more than 75 million households and 130 million individuals — each with a qualified, permission-granted email address — with flexible, cost-effective targeted marketing programs. AcquireVision puts a vast array of marketing tools, testing options, email campaign structures and analytics at your disposal to help you achieve the maximum impact along with measurable ROI.

Multi-Touch Emails Increase Sales and Market Penetration
Frequency is proven success factor for local and national retailers as well as multichannel marketers. You would not just air one TV commercial and expect results; so don’t think that just one email deployment is the answer. AcquireVision is priced so you can put your name in front of your target audience multiple times when they are researching their purchases and when they are actually “IN MARKET” and ready to buy. Multi-touch campaigns average 6 deployments to the same individuals. Combining targeted reach with frequency works.

Analysis of 4 Retail Multi-Touch Email Campaigns

The benefits of pinpoint targeting and a responsive database
AcquireVision is a multi-touch program that gives you the ability to select and reach your prospects with pinpoint accuracy. So whether your goal is maximum penetration within a single geographic or demographic profile, or you’re mining for new prospects with a custom-built predictive model, we give you options designed to deliver the results you want from your marketing efforts.

Multi-touch email plus direct mail increases your response rates
Our database contains postal addresses and email addresses. That means you can coordinate mail and email communications into one integrated marketing program. We can provide the postal list or match email addresses to yours. Send an announcement email to “look in your mailbox” or “click here”. Then send follow-on emails to extend the life of your mailpiece and lift response. We can even track when the mail is delivered by the post office and then “trigger” an email.

Targeting your best prospects
Prospects are selected from our consumer data file of permissioned email addresses that connect to over 75MM US households and more than 130MM US Consumers. You’ll enjoy the reach of a mass marketing as well as the advantage of targeting that comes with database marketing programs. Your messages can then be customized locally, regionally or nationally — depending on your needs.

What is the AcquireVision Advantage?

  • Best in Class Data + Services + Technology.
  • A proven entity with major clients...over 1,500 jobs completed annually.
  • Unsurpassed data quality.
  • An experienced management team with offline as well as online direct marketing experience from both client and agency sides.
  • In-house email delivery platform with online reporting.
  • Exclusive Match-Back analysis of multi-channel sales determines the overall program impact and effectiveness.

Best of all, we keep it simple by doing the work for you!


Let us show you how to measure it with our exclusive Match-back Analysis
We can suppress emails to your current customers and focus in on new customers.
New Customers acquired during the campaign period can be compared to those emailed to determine the true AcquireVision effect.
The emailed group’s results are compared to an equivalent control group to determine true, incremental impact of your AcquireVision campaign.
The AcquireVision Process
PHASE 1: Identifying Your Target Audience
PHASE 2: Creating Your Exclusive Email List
PHASE 3: Creating Your Emails
PHASE 4: Launching Your Marketing Campaign
PHASE 5: Ongoing Analysis & Optimization
PHASE 6: Review Program Success and ROI

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