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We identify your hottest online prospects and convert them into customers

Who are your hottest prospects? Your web visitors. They know your brand, are interested in your products, but they are also shopping the competition. They are on your website, but you don’t know them. We do; they are on our list. These people are almost ready to buy. Give them one more reason to buy from you...either online or at the store.

Re-market to your shopping cart and website abandons.
Reingage with lost online prospects through email, direct mail and even outbound telephone. You can offer further details, provide a buy-now promotion such as Free Shipping, or encourage the online user to go to the store or contact you offline.

How it works:
AcquireTrigger is an online behavior-enabled marketing solution that identifies your online shoppers and intelligently matches them to our fully permissioned marketing database.

With our partner, ClearSight Interactive, we collect anonymous visitor web log data, analyze it, and match qualified prospects to our permissioned database (Privacy Policy). Upon identifying one of our qualified shoppers (about 20% match rate), AcquireTrigger initiates a permissioned email campaign using your creative and best offers to our CAN-SPAM compliant email list. If you are already emailing your known shoppers and former customers using web analytics like Coremetrics or Omniture and your CRM email platform, we work the same way. We just match the 80% of web visitors you don't know to our database rather than your house file, use our permission, and deploy using our email platform. Plus, we can also provide postal addresses and phone numbers for offline marketing.

Advertisers can trigger emails within moments of a behavioral action being determined or blast emails on time-delayed basis.

AcquireTrigger is designed to target your hottest prospects — people who ALMOST purchased. Specific online behaviors that can targeted using AcquireTrigger include:

  • Engaged website visits based on page views or time spent on the website
  • Specific product or department page views
  • Repeat visits to you website within a specified time
  • Shopping cart or checkout abandonment
  • Lead from abandonment

Drive your response rates even higher by integrating direct mail into your program!
Our database contains postal addresses and email addresses. That means you can coordinate mail and email communications into one integrated program. Many people comparison shop but still often need printed information before making a purchase. Follow-up with direct mail, and after checking the DNC list, you can even call them.

Your program includes our exclusive Matchback Analysis to our multi-channel buyer database.
You’ll get clear results
that show you which customers were successfully retargeted with AcquireTrigger.
  Did you know?

The average e-commerce
site experiences about
60 percent of shopping
cart abandonment, and
more than 70 percent of
site visitors are typically

We'll give you another
shot at them.

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