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Local marketing with national clout…
AcquireLocal benefits franchises, direct sales organizations, sales agents, and companies in need of a cost-effective marketing campaign customized to the local level. It’s a way to market that brings the power of a proven customer acquisition program designed for large national companies to businesses with local focus and smaller budgets.

Your business can harness the power of email to:
• Supplement or replace direct mail to drive down sales costs
• Produce large-scale awareness for your business
• Promote specials
• Add new customers and increase market penetration!

AcquireLocal offers business-to-consumer marketers an effective way to get new customers online and in the store. Our email marketing programs combine the power of branding and the discipline of direct marketing with a proven email technology that simultaneously builds brands and drives measurable results.

Targeting your best prospects
Prospects are selected in your trade area from our consumer data file of permissioned email addresses that connect to over 75MM US households and more than 130MM U.S. consumers. Your messages can then be personalized to each store’s territory and your ideal consumer demographics.

Creative designed for your business
With AcquireLocal you can provide your own email creative (that works within our guidelines) or take advantage of customizable templates. Either way, you’ll be able to target your messages and offers in brand-enhancing presentations that can include links to your website and directions to each local outlet.

Be there when your best prospects are ready to buy
AcquireLocal is a frequency-based program. By emailing your best prospects multiple times with your best offers you’ll drive your response rates higher. By combining geo-demographic targeting with the right frequency of contacts you’ll discover the secret to a successful email marketing campaign

You choose the number of impressions, plus how and where you want to make them. You’ll have the flexibility to combine email with direct mail and test multiple messages in multiple media.

There are now more than 5 steps in the process...see diagram

Let us show you how to measure it with our exclusive Match-back Analysis
We can suppress emails to your current customers and focus in on new customers.
New Customers acquired during the campaign period can be compared to those emailed to determine the true AcquireVision effect.
The emailed group’s results are compared to an equivalent control group to determine true, incremental impact of your AcquireVision campaign.
The AcquireVision Process
PHASE 1: Identifying Your Target Audience
PHASE 2: Creating Your Exclusive Email List
PHASE 3: Creating Your Emails
PHASE 4: Launching Your Marketing Campaign
PHASE 5: Ongoing Analysis & Optimization
PHASE 6: Review Program Success and ROI

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