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Let us help you determine the right way to measure your email campaign and online advertising.


Our Unique Ability to Measure the Multi-Channel Effect of Email and Online Advertising Scientifically Proves ROI

Opens and Clicks are indicators, but generally poor ones. AcquireAnalytics provides you with online reports of your campaigns with emails deployed, delivered, opened, clicked, etc. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. What really counts is what happens with customer acquisition and sales. That’s what we measure; and we do it scientifically.

With Our Match-Back Analysis You Will Know Precisely What The Acquire Marketing Impact Really Is!

AcquireAnalytics Matches Emailed File to Customer File
Your online and offline sales data is analyzed against the emailed group and a matched control group to show incremental impact.

Scientifically Proven ROI Justifies National Rollout

AcquireLocal delivered over $11 for each dollar spent.
(Minimal testing cost justified rollout to hundreds of stores)

Objective: Utilize the frequency and targeting of the AcquireLocal program to determine if sales could be obtained cost efficiently with email.

Goals: Understand precisely the effects of email and determine the ROI and Acquisition costs plus the incremental effect on the business.

Frequency: Every 2 weeks

Offers and Creative: Provided by client

Tracking and Measurement:
Marketed to population (100,000)
Control group (100,000)
Random selects from the universe

Our measurement alone may be worth the price of an email test...
or maybe you would like us to analyze the impact of your banner ads?

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Let us show you how to measure it with our exclusive Match-back Analysis
We can suppress emails to your current customers and focus in on new customers.
New Customers acquired during the campaign period can be compared to those emailed to determine the true AcquireVision effect.
The emailed group’s results are compared to an equivalent control group to determine true, incremental impact of your AcquireVision campaign.
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